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Ban on export of Feldspar & Quartz from India

The Board of Indian Council of Ceramic Tiles & Sanitaryware is planning to appeal to the Government for a ban on the export of two minerals Feldspar & Quartz from India. Feldspar & Quartz are critical minerals which are used as key raw materials in the manufacturing of ceramic tiles & sanitaryware. These are rare minerals found in the sediments of the earth. Due to the globalization and new ventures, the requirement for Feldspar & Quartz has been on the rise over the last few years. During the Board Meeting convened on March 20, the Board members of ICCTAS decided to appeal for the ban on export of Feldspar & Quartz from India. ICCTAS is expected to make a representation to the Commerce & Finance Ministry on the matter.

The depletion of these critical raw materials will force domestic industries to rely heavily on imports of the input which will result in further escalation of input costs thereby making tiles & sanitaryware expensive for the end-user. Moreover, such a proposition will also impact the survival of a large section of ceramic tile & sanitaryware manufacturers forcing them to shut down. As a result, there will be loss of employment and a bad return on investments made locally.

The ceramics sector account for largest consumption of total Quartz output in India. Undersupply of Quartz as a result of its depletion has already caused a steady rise in its prices and is causing major uncertainties in long term strategies. Quartz exceptional qualities makes it a must-use in the manufacture of ceramic tiles.