Chairman's Message

Sh. Vijay Aggarwal, Chairman, ICCTAS

Commercial production of ceramic tiles started in India approximately 65 years ago and it has come a long way from those humble beginnings. The accelerated growth of the industry in the last ten years can be credited to product quality improvement, investment in technology, and efficient production of good quality products at a reasonable cost.

The development of the real estate segment will pave way for further growth in the ceramics industry, creating tremendous opportunities for all stakeholders and the market. And I can say that we all are ready to service the domestic as well as export demand in the coming years.

The Ceramic Industry had a fantastic journey and every member has contributed to making India the second largest manufacturer of ceramic tiles and sanitary ware in the world, after China.

With approx. 70% domestic consumption, now India is poised to become one of the most favourable exporting countries also. We have seen tremendous growth in the exports of Ceramics & Glassware products from US$ 1292 Million in 2013-14 to US$ 3464 Million in 2021-22 which we estimate to further double in the next 5 years. To achieve this, we need to create a conducive environment for growth of the industry, maintain quality standards to build confidence, and create a preference for Indian products.

With ceramic tiles and sanitaryware being basic sanitation and hygiene products even for affordable housing, it will be essential to approach the government and continue to seek their approval on the industry’s genuine demand of lowering the GST rates (from 18% to 12%) for these ceramic products. It is a big opportunity for the industry to become a champion in the segment with a little support from the Government in the areas of Foreign Trade Agreements (FTAs) and conserving raw materials by limiting their export to safeguard India’s long-term growth interest.

The expertise of our members is backed by their experience and unwavering commitment to creating value for customers. The time has come for the industry to march forward with confidence, showcase excellence in Indian manufacturing capabilities and consolidate its global footprint while facing the near-term challenges of elevated energy prices and other issues needing the government’s attention and action.

Our vision for the domestic market is to go beyond consumer expectations by not only enabling manufacturers to provide products that are aesthetically and functionally driven but also by paying attention to consumer education and empowering them in their journey while buying products.

There will also be a focus on plans to create a sustainable infrastructure to provide training and skill development to the masons and contractors. This will not only create employment opportunities but also address workmanship concerns.

I look forward to the next chapter in the industry's story of value creation. And am assured and confident that with the sincere efforts of our board of directors, our dedicated members, and with the cooperation of the community and an Industry supportive government, we will continue to flourish and thread a spotless path to excellence and eminence.